Traffic Signal Construction

Signal Strength performs the full scope of heavy construction required for traffic signal construction: starting with removals, to groundwork, all the way to setting the new signal poles and street lights in place.
This includes the install of the traffic signal and lighting controller assemblies, as well as installing vehicle detection systems at the intersection.
MoDOT Signals Contractor
Signal Strength is an approved MoDOT signal contractor, and has experienced traffic signal technicians certified through the accredited IMSA trade organization (International Municipal Signal Association).
Traffic Signal Maintenance
Signal Strength is a full service signal contractor and has the expertise to troubleshoot and resolve issues at signalized intersections, holding active contracts with local DOT agencies to perform routine and emergency traffic signal maintenance/troubleshooting as needed – and can do the same for you upon request.
Interconnect Communications Installation
Signal Strength installs fiber optics interconnect systems for city and state agencies, as well as private entities. This work includes trenching in new conduit for communications pathway, installing pull boxes and building service entries, as well as pulling in the actual fiber optic cable itself from point to point.
Electric Utilities Installation
Signal Strength lays the groundwork for the install of Electric Utilities for traffic signals and street lighting. This includes trenching and boring, the install of primary and secondary junction cabinets, risers, and pedestals – and related power supplies and lighting controllers.
Quality Workmanship
At Signal Strength, we pride ourselves on quality workmanship. Regardless of what the task at hand is, we guarantee that the quality of install meets the highest industry standards.
Safety & Certifications
Safety is our #1 priority. Our crews are trained to keep an eye out not only for their own safety, but also to eliminate safety risks for the surrounding public. We are certified to safely manage traffic control day or night, with lights and reflectors according to MUTCD requirements.


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