Superload Escorts

Signal Strength is an approved signal contractor with more than 30 years’ escorting experience, holding the necessary certifications and qualifications to safely guide your over-height and extra-wide cargo through the most challenging obstacles as quickly as possible to reach your destination.


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Fleet & Equpment
Signal Strength is fully trained and equipped with the tools needed to safely move any aerial or roadside obstructions out of the way to make clearance for over-height and extra-wide loads. This includes Traffic Signals, Street Lighting, Communication Cabling, Roadside Signs or similar.
Bucket Truck Escorts
In addition to providing experienced utility truck operators for bucket truck escorts, our crews are certified and approved to perform any work necessary on traffic signals (disconnect/reconnect) to navigate your cargo safely through signalized intersections.
Route Surveys
Signal Strength can assist with route surveys. We have an excellent knowledge of the roads and which routes are the best for the dimensions of your oversized cargo.
Safety & Certifications
Safety is our #1 priority when providing bucket truck escorts for your oversized cargo. Our crews are trained to keep an eye out not only for their own safety and for that of your cargo, but also to eliminate safety risks for the traveling public and surrounding communities.
Traffic Control
Our crews are trained and certified to manage traffic control day or night, escorting night transports safely with lights and reflectors according to MUTCD requirements.
Emergency Hotline
Available 24/7 including nights, weekends, and holidays.

Just say NO to bootleggers!

Don’t risk the safe transport of your cargo with a fly-by-night “bootlegger” without the proper certifications or DOT approval. Working with an unapproved contractor puts your load at risk of being shut down on the spot, costing you thousands of dollars a day.


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